Having a modern scientific knowledge base and equipment grants us an ability of software and analogue simulation of operating modes and product behavior under operating loads. Dampersystems engineering department can model and simulate possible behavior of products under crucial loads, and as a result minimize the risks during the production of new products

We have expertise in the following fields:

- vibration isolation, shock absorption, sound insulation and other properties
- centrifugal separators and filtration systems for viscous liquids 
- thermostatic and heat transfer systems
- diaphragm pumps
- elements of machinery and mechanisms (gear boxes, hydraulic, pneumatic, kinematic elements etc.)
- electrical installations

Standard algorithm of our work:

Standard production steps:

- After acquisition of production order we analyze it, possible product behavior and performance characteristics are determined along with its durability.
- Special software that we developed is used to simulate and model the prototype of the product
- virtual design of the product's layout
- analogue simulations
- product design finalization
- Customer's approval of the final design
- production of samples for testing purposes
- After positive test results the product is put into mass production